Production Equipment

The company has 5 large-scale aluminum-plastic composite plate production lines and automatic aluminizing production lines, and 1 2-meter wide A2 aluminum composite production line.

The company has three production lines for pretreatment, continuous multi coating and multi baking aluminum coil coating. The quality of aluminum coil produced by it is stable and reliable. In addition to ensuring its own demand for aluminum plastic composite production, it is also sold at home and abroad. The company has a number of precision numerical control sheet metal equipment such as a number of well-known Canadian brands, CNC full-automatic plate shears, bending machines, and turret punches of well-known Hong Kong brands, which fully meet customers’ modernization, diversification Personalized production demand.

Raw and auxiliary materials

From the beginning of the pretreatment to the production of the final product, all famous brand raw and auxiliary materials with good international reputation and stable quality are used,

  • For example, the aluminum substrate adopts the most famous Southwest Aluminum, Ruimin Aluminum and other Chinalco in China;
  • Polymer membrane is produced with DuPont’s core material;
  • The pretreatment agents are Henkel and Kemieter from Germany;
  • Fluorocarbon coating adopts the resin with fluorocarbon content greater than 70% produced by American PPG Company;
  • The polyester coating is made of Swedish Becco and KFCC, etc;
  • The powder is not sprayed. The tiger powder from Austria is used

Scientific research and development

At present, the company has more than 100 medium and senior professional technicians and managers, 90% of whom have college degree or above. The company has established a scientific research team composed of professor level senior engineers and various professional and technical personnel, introduced world-class R&D and manufacturing systems, made full use of advanced technologies in the aluminum industry at home and abroad, formed a strong R&D and innovation system, and joined forces with many universities and research institutions.

Honorary certification

It passed the ISO9001:2000 quality certification in 2002, and its products were rated as “Recommended Products for Engineering Construction” by China Association of Engineering Construction in 2002, and “Reliable Aluminum Plastic Plate Brand for Bidding Projects” by China Association of Building Decoration and Building Hardware Committee in 2003″.

Sales Services

The company has a perfect pre-sales, sales, after-sales service system. We regard service as the second life of our products. While focusing on product quality, we will never relax after-sales service. From the standpoint of users, we want to be ahead of you. The sales network covers all major cities in China, and exports to more than 70 countries and regions around the world, so as to achieve zero distance between enterprises and users.