Exterior Wall Panels

JINXIANG Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) is distinguished in the market for its outstanding product attributes such as flatness, formability, durability and ease of fabrication, and is available in a broad palette of trend-forward colors and finishes. To help our clients build the future, we remain focused on inspiring the architectural community to create their legacy with the next generation of buildings.

Some regions of the world restrict the use of ACP because of its inflammable plastic core. To answer this problem, we devoted all of our energy to improving the core, establishing a production technology called JINXIANG/FR , a fire-retardant ACP. JINXIANG/FR meets the fire-safety requirements for external claddings in most countries. Today, JINXIANG/FR is the external cladding material of choice, ensuring fire safety without losing the original features of JINXIANG.

1. Building outer wall
The PVDF coating of YBOND product utilizes HYLR5000 or KYNAR500 as the binder, with unique advantage in the aspect of corrosion resistance, fouling resistance, and weather resistance. The attractive appearance of the ACP can be perfectly maintained in both winter and summer. Our product is widely employed as the decorative material for office building, exhibition hall, hotel, railway station, gymnasium, and so on. To fully meet customer demand, the color of the product can be customized according to the color card.

2. Filling station
The filling station has strict requirement on the decoration material because of the special service environment and the utilization frequency. Therefore, building material with outstanding acid resistance, alkali resistance, fire resistance , rust resistance, and blister resistance is well received in the construction of filling station. The aluminum composite panel and the NANO aluminum ceiling are ideal for signpost and ceiling decoration. Our product has passed certain certifications, including ISO, SGS , SGS-FR and INTERTEK , and some others .