Interior Wall Panels

The aluminum composite panel is generally used for building decoration because of the outstand performance. It is extensively employed for the construction of ceiling, pillar decoration, counter, furniture, telephone booth, elevator, storefront, advertising board, factory wall, and so on. In developed countries, the ACP is also applied in producing bus, carriage, and instrument case. This product is the ideal acoustic insulating material for airplane and ship, as well. Currently, the JINXIANG ACP is the most popular material for metal curtain wall construction.

1. Pillar decoration
The aluminum composite panel is widely adopted for wrapping pillar in the places with heavy passenger flow, including shopping mall, bus station, exhibition hall, hotel, etc. In addition to the nice appearance, the ACP offers perfect protection to the pillar and the wall, reducing the maintenance cost and prolonging the lifespan of the building, accordingly. Our aluminum composite panel are the optimal choice for you.

2. Suspended ceiling
To improve the aesthetics and the quality of the suspended ceiling, many decoration companies integrate the ACP and the aluminum ceiling into their design. Capable of fully satisfying the requirement on material colour and quality, our product can help the decoration company achieve incredible decorative effect .