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templets projectarea(M2)
Chinese metallurgical industry department diamond study court900 M2
Beijing Yizhuang economy technique opening area building Yangzi project3300 M2
Beijing Yanjing restaurant600 M2
Beijing rich brocade the earth share company meetingroom1000 M2
international trade centre No.1 building part project2000 M2
Chinese Academy of Sciences expert luxurious building2500 M2
Chinese Academy of Sciences expert building2500 M2
Juran's family construction materials market.2800 M2
Beijing fangshan district broadcast teleuision centre building>3300 M2
Beijing fangshan district Liangxiang Huagong village integrating buiding1200 M2
Nibong Tianyi square6300 M2
hanghai Dongfeng the five metals company office building>1200 M2
Shanghai Jiali luxurious residence6000 M2
Shanghai university city1100 M2
Shanghai Xinyan Hotel6000 M2
Shanghai Happy shopping supermarket Tongzhou part shop2200 M2
Shanghai Baoshan district navy headquarters6600 M2
Shanghai Baoshan Hospita1220 M2
Shanghai Yashi construction materials6020 M2
Shanghai Huangpu district sight-seeing tunnel1000 M2
Shanghai Yangpu district Xinhua Hospita2000 M2
Dafuni special selling chain store1200 M2
Shanghai Naide convenient Chain store1000 M2
Huhang high speed road xinqiao collecting station6060 M2
Shanghai Tongji university the northern school area5000 M2