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Test Report on Physical Characteristies of State Thst Center of Building Materials

Fireproof Panel
ItemsStandard IndeTest ValueIndividualJudgment
Density of surfacRating±0.5kg/m26.8kg/m2Qualified
Impact strength50kg.cmWithout paint off and crackWithout paint off and crackQualified
Bend strength≥ 1OOMPa≥ 1O4MPaQualified
Flexuous modulus of elasticity≥2.00 x lO4MPa3.00 x lO4MPaQualified
Through resistance≥9.0KN9.50KNQualified
Cutting strength≥ 28.OMPa29.OMPaQualified
1800peel strength≥7.0N/mm≥9.1N/mmQualified
Resistance to change of temperature-400C~-800C20cycles without changeUnchangedQualified
Boiling water resistanceUnchangedUnchangedQualified
Coefficient of heat expansion≥4.00 X lO-50C-12.93 X lO-50C-1Qualified
Heat deformation temperature≥1050C1120CQualified

 The test result meets the index requirements of quality product of GB/T17748-1999
 Test Report of Safety of State Quality Supervision & Inspection Center of Fireproof Building Materials

 Fireproof Panel
itemsTest methodTechnical indexResultConclusion
Minmum value of remaining length after burningGB/T8325-88> 0410Qualified
Average value of remaining length after burningGB/T8325-88≥ 150486Qualified
emperature of smoke0CGB/T8325-88≤ 200116Qualified
helgnt of the top of the flame,mmGB/T8326-88〈 15015Qualified
Grade of smoke densityGB/T8327-88≤ 7534Qualified
Note:The technical index based on the regulation of uninflammable materials(Grade B1)of GB8624-1997.

 Conclusion of test:Test proved that all indices of the material meet the standard requirements of regulation on uninflarnmabie materials,it's judged in accordance with GB 5624-1997 that the inflammability of this material has reached standard of OB8624,Gradel